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Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Carpet – Vintage Brown

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Product Description

Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Carpet – Vintage Brown

Enjoy your room with lowering your energy bill as well as experiencing the warmth of carpet from One Sweet Day being under your toes. Vintage Brown looks great in almost any room inside a house, while the vibrant of the colour opens up the living area all the more. One Sweet Day collection delivers the feel as well as quality crafted right into it; Because of it’s 100% nylon fibers and it’s ultra softbac platinum backing.

With over 40 distinct colors to pick from, One Sweet Day Collection from Tuftex provide you with every chance to pick the perfect color for virtually every area in your home.


stain-fighting protection

The One Sweet Day Collection has built in stain-fighting technology giving it an upper hand on kids and dogs with spills.

Pet Friendly

Looking for a pet friendly carpet? One Sweet Day handles animals with no sweat! Through it’s R2X stain protection, The carpeting has the ability to repel oil as well as hair from it’s fibers for easier servicing and rug cleaning.



Durability is often a primary factor when choosing a residential carpeting. The more durable a carpet is, the more likely it can manage heavier traffic and have a longer life-span. The Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Collection is ranked 4 out of 5 regarding durability; which makes it great for all types of homes and rooms.

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You know that warm fluffy feeling you feel between your toes and hands is what we call softness in the carpet. Undoubtedly, the softer a carpet feels, the more inviting it will make you want to rest on it. Which you will be wanting to relax on One Sweet Day all day long, everyday with it’s rating. Rated 4 out of 5, Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Collection features a extremely soft feeling from it’s Nylon Fiber and Face Weight construction.

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Not every carpets are created equal, various clean up far better than others through common vacuum cleaning as well as qualified carpet cleaning. Having said that, Shaw tuftex One Sweet Day Collection is top-notch with stain protectants as well as texture style rendering it a 5 out of 5 in the ratings. One Sweet Day will be needing less maintenance and cleanup more by professional cleaning as compared with various other second-rate carpets.

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Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs


Style Type





100% NYLON

Fiber Brand




Face Weight

50.70 OZ./SQ.YD.

Stain Treatment





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