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Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Carpet – Soulful Purple

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Product Description

Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Carpet – Soulful Purple

Experience the softness and comfort of One Sweet Day Collection below your feet when making the most of your living space. Along with it’s 100% nylon fibers and it is extremely softbac platinum backing, it exceeds expectation in softness, durability, and longevity. The Soulful Purple will in addition enhance any room inside your home whilst reducing that nasty energy bill many of us hate.

With over 40 distinct shades available, One Sweet Day Collection from Tuftex offers you every opportunity to pick the perfect color for almost any area of your house.


stain-fighting protection

Built in Stain-fighting technology from R2X stain protection allows One Sweet Day Collection an upper hand with pets, youngsters, as well as spills. This makes cleaning easier not to mention pro carpet cleaning service could be more likely to remove a few of the harder stains.

Pet Friendly

R2X stain protection along with the texture style fiber is pet friendly through easier removing of hair and oil from the surface of the carpeting when cleaning; which implies an extended life-span in addition to over-all better visually looking.



Trying to find something which can handle some wear and tear? Well The Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Collection is ranked 4 out of 5 regarding durability; which means it can endure many years of residential traffic whilst still looking brand new.

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You know that warm furry feeling you feel in between your toes and hands is what we call softness with the carpeting. Of course, the softer a carpet feels, the more tempting it’ll make you want to lay down on it. Which you will be wanting to rest on One Sweet Day all day long, everyday with it’s rating. Rated 4 out of 5, Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Collection has a extremely soft feeling via it’s Nylon Fiber together with Face Weight construction.

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Never assume all carpets are the same, a few clean-up a lot better than others from standard vacuum cleaning as well as professional carpet cleaners. With that said, Shaw tuftex One Sweet Day Collection is top-of-the-line due to stain protectants along with texture style allowing it to be a 5 out of 5 in the rankings. One Sweet Day will need significantly less maintenance and cleanup more by professional cleaning as compared with various other mediocre carpets.

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Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs


Style Type





100% NYLON

Fiber Brand




Face Weight

50.70 OZ./SQ.YD.

Stain Treatment





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