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Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Carpet – Half Moon

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Product Description

Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Carpet – Half Moon

Enjoy your home with reducing your energy bill and also experiencing the warmth of carpeting with One Sweet Day being underneath your feet. Half Moon is visually great in any room inside the house, whilst the vibrant creaminess in the shade opens up the living area all the more. One Sweet Day collection has got the feel as well as high quality crafted right into it; Via it’s 100% nylon fibers and it’s ultra softbac platinum backing.

The Tuftex One Sweet Day Collection is available in 40 different colors to pick from. This offering you the most perfect colour to select for that upcoming room you are planning to renovate.


stain-fighting protection

The One Sweet Day Collection has built in stain-fighting technologies giving it an upper hand on kids and dogs with spillages.

Pet Friendly

Searching for a pet friendly carpet? One Sweet Day handles animals with no sweat! Utilizing it’s R2X stain protection, The carpeting is able to repel oil as well as hair from it’s fibers for easier servicing and rug cleaning.



Looking for something which can handle some wear and tear? Well The Shaw Tuftex One Sweet Day Collection is rated 4 out of 5 on durability; meaning it can hold up against many years of residential traffic while still looking stunning.

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Softness is something most of us enjoy and when you spend day-to-day walking, laying, sitting on and around your carpeting, wouldn’t it be nice that it felt as if you were on clouds? Of course! Well with One Sweet Day being graded at 4 out of 5, it definitely is the nearest thing to cloud 9.

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Not all carpeting are created equal, some clean up far better than others through standard vacuum cleaning as well as qualified carpet cleaners. With that said, Shaw tuftex One Sweet Day Collection is top-of-the-line due to stain protectants as well as texture style rendering it a 5 out of 5 in the ratings. One Sweet Day will be needing less upkeep as well as cleanup considerably more by professional cleaning in comparison with other inferior carpets.

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Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs


Style Type





100% NYLON

Fiber Brand




Face Weight

50.70 OZ./SQ.YD.

Stain Treatment





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