Mohawk Mirador Ivory Cream 20″ x 20″ Porcelain Tile Installation Kitchen & Hallway – Sun City Anthem Las Vegas, Nevada


In Sun City Anthem, A recent customer that was referred by a friend wanted an estimate. After moving from Hawaii and living in Las Vegas for a few years, she decided it was time to do a remodel. With having carpet, pergo laminate, and tile within the hallway – the house definitely needed some updating and uniformity with one type of flooring.

With hardwood in mind, Matz Flooring came out to do accurate measurements and showed her a wide selection of engineered woods as well as hardwoods. Surprisingly, after a few days and talking with her friend – she wanted to see a few tile samples. We suggested one of the personal favorites – Mohawk Mirador Ivory Cream 20″ x 20″ Porcelain Tile.

We then recommended some suggestions on how the tile should be laid as well as recommended contractors to have it installed by. Though we do love to photograph the project and make sure the client is completely satisfied with the job.

The Demolition

With the customer selecting a recommended flooring installer and letting us the start date, we were able to head over to Sun City Anthem and capture some pictures of the demolition.

Pulling the hallway’s carpet and the pergo laminate was easy but once popping up the kitchen tile, they started to notice they will need to chisel it down. All and all, took them 2 days to remove all the tile within the kitchen, entry, laundry, bathroom, and master bathroom.


With the Mohawk Mirador Ivory Cream 20″ x 20″ Porcelain Tile, we gave some suggestions that would turn up the “wow” factor in this tile installation. First was to do a brick pattern, this is a simple upgrade and most tile contractors can do it for a little extra cost. Secondly was to 45 degree the tiles, this giving a very luxury feel as well as breaking the eyes from seeing straight lines along with their walls; which are never straight. Third was to go for the thinnest grout lines, which was 1/16″ – This takes some serious skill to make sure everything is leveled but worth the effect.

The recommended tile installers took their time with each piece, making sure it was cut right, angled correctly, and leveled.

The Product

This portfolio used Mohawk Mirador Ivory Cream 20″ x 20″ Porcelain Tile for it’s remodel. If you’re interested in Mohawk Mirador Ivory Cream 20″ x 20″ Porcelain Tile, check out it below for more information.

Before & After

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